Recently Kays Logistics has elected to support its logistics activities with a new future-proof warehouse management system – 3PL Dynamics. The software solution, based on Microsoft 365 Business Central, is specifically designed for logistics service providers and will enable the business to boost productivity and streamline its busy warehouse processes.

Kays Logistics, based in Speke, Liverpool, helps organisations solve tomorrow’s problems with unrivalled storage and logistics management. Working across a range of industries, Kays Logistics has experienced significant growth over recent years serving an array of sectors such as healthcare, automotive, retail, aerospace, food production, engineering, and education.

All logistic activities in one system

On a daily basis, the logistics team carry out a range of activities such as shipping a high volume of orders, receiving goods in, picking and packing, kitting, labelling and repacking. All these processes will now be supported by the industry standard solution implemented by 鲸鱼电竞2.0 .

David Stott, Managing Director at Kays Logistics says; “Our logistic operation is much more than just storing and shipping articles. These basic logistics activities could be supported by any WMS. However, a system that supports our business from A to Z, was hard to come by. The new WMS gives us real-time insights into our workload, minimises differences in the inventory thanks to different counting methods, and supports our VAL activities. We can also conduct all of our financial activities in one system, without switching back and forth between different applications. As a growing logistics provider, we concluded that 3PL Dynamics was the complete software solution for us.”

A unique relationship between Kays Medical and Kays Logistics

Naturally, Kays Logistics has close relationships with its parent company Kays Medical – both of which are now supported by a software solution provided by 鲸鱼电竞2.0 .

Jay Tahasildar, Managing Director at 鲸鱼电竞2.0 says; ‘Our partnership with Boltrics, which focuses on the 3PL industry, together with our own Business Central ERP expertise in many other industries give us the possibility to create value for both Kays Medical and Kays Logistics. The result? Two projects, with two different software products. But both running on the trusted platform of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.’

Ben Ludzker, CEO at Kays Medical continues; “With the new software systems, we are able to streamline our processes throughout the entire business. This includes all the activities in our logistics operation, from our core supply of medical products to our Occupational Health provision and now our 3 rd Party Logistics services. We now have one system to support all our complex logistics activities, including cold chain operations, multi-batch/lot control for pharmaceuticals and shelf life management for perishable items.

Kays Logistics is continuing to thrive with a new 35,000 sq. ft high volume warehouse and fulfilment centre set to open in September 2022. For more information on Kays Logistics contact [email protected] or call 0151 268 6801

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