In the last couple of decades, IT Systems have become an integral and mission critical part of most business operations. Excellence in business management has become synonymous with excellence in IT Systems management.

In recent years, more and more business success stories have hinged directly or indirectly on the exploitation of IT in implementations, management and maintenance; to deliver real business value. However, in spite of this fact, many organisation still fail to harness the power of Information Technology enabled business improvement. There is no single driver, but many stem from the increasing difficulty in accessing and establishing trusted relationships with technology and implementation specialists able to contribute to business planning around IT investment and related policy decisions.  The end result is often poorly conceived IT ‘point’ solutions which are not aligned with wider end-to-end business process requirements; but where large sums of money are spent on the poor management of IT systems, some of which are often fundamentally flawed.

鲸鱼电竞2.0 has overcome many customers “IT nightmare” and helped them reduce cost, improve service performance and turn IT into a “Business As Usual” value generating tool. That’s the business value we bring to the table, our “Three Step” IT Outsourcing Strategy has worked to support our customers through the risks of limited or full IT Outsourcing.

  1. The First Step – help the customer to make an in-depth assessment of existing business processes and corresponding IT systems
  2. The Second Step – provide assistance to the customer to take complete control of the existing IT systems and more importantly seal the leaks in IT budgets
  3. Third Step – conceive and execute a flexible IT Strategy built on, and underpinning their business vision

鲸鱼电竞2.0 helps customers walk through these steps one by one and derive the real benefits of effective IT Outsourcing.

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