Here at 鲸鱼电竞2.0 we understand. You’re managing a business comprising of various organisational processes, each of which is necessarily complex, yet it’s vital that everything flows seamlessly in order to keep customer satisfaction boosted and the competition at bay. A lot of the time, you just don’t have time to go chasing after forms not filled, copies not sent or deadlines not met and you wish the workflow would progress all by itself, right? That’s where our Workflow Automation Solution comes in.

By integrating with the ERP or CRM systems you already have in place, 鲸鱼电竞2.0 ’s cloud-based solution developed from Microsoft SharePoint technologies can increase the productivity of your business and, in turn, your ROI. If that’s not reason enough, here are 3 key reasons why Workflow Automation is key to success in the Engineering Industry:


With both scalable and unique SharePoint-based components, 鲸鱼电竞2.0 ’s solution offers the capability to incrementally build a single portal where a range of workflows can be managed along with all of their related information, both internal and external to the business. No matter if the end-to-end process contains 5 or 50 steps, you can ensure that everyone knows what to do by allocating individuals to each task based on capacity, skills or approval levels and track auditable approvals or rejections; securely managing where ‘short circuiting’ is appropriate.

All those involved in all workflows have one work list showing their current tasks in an environment where they can visually see and understand the process flow and receive alerts and reminders when a task arrives or where tasks haven’t been attended to within time limits. When multiple members of the task group are viewing a document simultaneously, they will be notified in order to enhance collaborative working and avoid duplication of efforts.

The solution can be easily integrated with a whole range of ERP and CRM business solutions. This means data can be pulled direct; removing rekeying and the risk of errors or omissions. Moreover, if something does go wrong, it’s not a problem as all documents are managed with revision control- including templates, emails, certifications, shipping manifests and invoices. These are all organised within a process document hierarchy.

Fewer mistakes, prompter responses and reduction of unnecessary overheads means that you can remove employees from repetitive administrative activities; effectively improving productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.


Workflow Automation can be a business lifesaver when it comes to customer satisfaction. We’ve all had the panic of frantically trying to track down a piece of work and hurry it along the pipeline before an impending deadline- what if your Workflow Automation system could solve your issue without you having to leave your desk or even pick up the phone, saving you valuable time and effort?

With 鲸鱼电竞2.0 ’s solution, business managers can easily see and track progress, expedite delays and locate activity without needing to manually ‘track down’ the location of different pieces of work. You can quickly see where a piece of work is in the workflow and which group or department is responsible for it, before instantly viewing who is available to complete the work and sending them an alert- all via SharePoint.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Having all this information in one location allows access to a range of KPI’s and SLA dashboards and analysis to identify and deal with bottlenecks as well as over-capacity. Taken together, this shows clearly where and how to act to improve the organisation’s effectiveness. Essentially, Workflow Automation allows you to do everything you do better than ever before. In an industry like engineering, where each process is elaborate yet vital to the end success, isn’t that what’s important?

If you’re interested in optimising the effectiveness of your business or finding out how we applied Workflow Automation to Napier Turbochargers, give us a call on 01908 508080 or send an email to [email protected]

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