Since the launch of NAV 2017 back in October last year, we’ve been thinking about what else we can offer our customers. We felt passionate that our Fixed Price Upgrade offer should continue and support the new version but also felt there was something more to be done. We noticed that many of the businesses we speak to are deterred from the upgrade they need to grow by unfounded concerns, often stemming from a bad experience with a previous partner. We thought that if we could take away these concerns, then more businesses would have the courage to digitally transform the way they work with an ERP upgrade.

First off, we identified the top concerns that we see from customers again and again:

  • My system is heavily customised
  • I need to keep my customisations
  • An upgrade is too expensive
  • An upgrade is too risky
  • An upgrade will be too daunting for users
  • I won’t benefit from upgrading

We’ve answered these in lots more detail over on our NAV Upgrade page and we firmly believe that our approach to these 6 points positions us perfectly to deliver a Risk-free NAV Upgrade.

If you have a different concern surrounding upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, we’d love to hear. Please let us know in the comments below.

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