When you first implement Dynamics NAV into your business, you need your Microsoft Partner on hand to resolve any issues that arise in those first weeks and months. You expect responsive, quality support that makes your business a priority.

Further down the line, you still expect that same standard of outstanding support, but as any creases are ironed out you find yourself raising fewer and fewer support tickets with your Partner – and yet you still pay the same monthly cost.

This is the issue that many of our clients were facing with their previous Partners. The subscription support model simply wasn’t giving them the value for money they were looking for and didn’t value them as long-term customers.

Mercurius offers an alternative approach – you only pay for what you use.

We understand our customers and recognise that they won’t always need the same level of support each month. With our model, you can purchase support hours in bulk for a fixed price and then use them when you need to, only paying more when you run out of credits.

Moreover – whether you require 4 hours or 40 hours of support – the quality remains the same.

Get in touch today to discuss the quality Microsoft Dynamics NAV support we can offer your business.

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