Calculating and processing employee expenses is a time-consuming admin task that most businesses have to deal with on a regular basis. Expense management solutions are designed to remove much of the administrative overhead from this process, creating a seamless end-to-end experience. Rather than relying on spreadsheets and paper-based forms, expense management solutions leverage the power of mobile apps or web-based applications, centralising the relevant data. Moreover, using an expense management solution that integrates with your ERP system, such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV , provides a seamless link to your business financials, allowing you to post expenses with no rekeying. In this blog post, we will compare a handful of the top expense management solutions on the market, all with easy integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Continia Expense Management

Continia is an expense management solution which was developed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, allowing for easy processing of expenses without the need for a separate application. Continia sits as an add-on for NAV and can be deployed alongside both on-premises and cloud solutions. By the end of 2018, the Continia should be available for integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central .

Key features

  • In both Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the web approval portal, users get a complete view of expenses with approval status, comments and attached files, as well as a digital archive of historical
  • Credit card transactions can be imported into NAV where they are matched to scanned expense receipts. VAT is also recognised and tracked
  • Any missing receipts are flagged and a notification sent to the relevant employee.
  • Using the mobile application, available on iOS, Android and Windows devices, users can record and submit expenses as they happen. By uploading photos of receipts, which can then be viewed in NAV, the need for paper receipts is eliminated.
  • Integration with Google Maps allows users to enter journey start and end points and automatically calculate the distance between them. When mileage expenses appear in NAV, a map of the journey is attached, providing further visibility to back-office

Zetadocs Expenses

Zetadocs Expenses allows users to easily manage the capture, submission, approval and payment of expenses. As a cloud solution, Zetadocs Expenses is rapid to implement, secure and accessible from anywhere. Seamless integration with both Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central means expenses can be posted and reports generated without the need to rekey data. Approved expenses are mapped directly into NAV as purchase invoices or journals, with the vendor, general ledger, dimension and tax code already set. Zetadocs Expenses also features a status screen showing all approved expenses to be checked before they are posted in NAV, providing visibility for finance professionals.

Key features

  • Using the mobile app for iOS and Android devices, users can snap and submit expense receipts as they happen, providing all the information required in one photo.
  • Spending limits and policies can be set for different expense types, with warning messages and restrictions for employees. Allowable submission times can also be specified and reminder emails sent for overdue approvals.
  • Expenses can be entered in any currency, with automatic currency conversion built in.
  • Google Maps integration provides distance calculation for mileage expenses and allowable rates can be defined by the finance team.
  • Credit card statements are easily reconciled by matching expenses from approved card payments, rather than manually entering individual payments.


Concur has developed a suite of travel and expense solutions, designed to simplify and automate the entire expense management process. The cloud-based solution can be accessed by users wherever they are, either via the web client or mobile app. There is no direct integration between Concur and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, however, Codeless Platforms has created a third-party connector to sync all expense data between the two systems. Concur also offers additional modules Concur Travel and Concur Invoice, which can be used alongside the expense module. A free trial of Concur is available for users to test the solution before purchasing.

Key features

  • Expense data is visualised with built-in reporting and analytics tools, providing managers with insight into spending habits.
  • Employees can use the mobile app, available for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices, to capture, record and process entire expense reports. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) populates expense fields when a photo of a receipt is uploaded. Managers can easily approve or reject expenses from within the app if they’re out of the office.
  • Imported credit card statements are automatically linked to the relevant expenses to easily reconcile payments. In-built audit functionality verifies submitted expenses to ensure they comply with company policies.
  • Concur supports multiple languages, regulatory needs and currencies with automatic exchange rate calculation.


Expensify is a feature-rich application which helps to simplify and automate expense management. The solution offers integration with a range of third-party accounting software, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV. G/L codes can be imported from NAV and expense data automatically mapped, creating a seamless experience through both applications. You can enjoy a free trial of the “Team” and “Corporate” packages.

Key features

  • “SmartScan” OCR technology is used in the mobile app (available for iOS and Android) when a user takes a photo of a receipt. Expensify fills out the required fields and attaches a digital copy of the receipt.
  • Card transactions can be imported and automatically reconciled against the corresponding receipts.
  • Automated workflows can be set up to approve small expenses and flag larger ones for manager approval, as per company policy. The solution also highlights any duplicate or suspicious expenses.
  • Global currency and tax support means Expensify can be used in any country.
  • For added convenience, Expensify also integrates with a selection of partner apps, including Uber and Trainline.


Rydoo Expense is a cloud-based expense management solution designed to make processing expenses easier by automating time-consuming processes. The application integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, as well as other accounting and ERP systems. As a SaaS solution, implementation is quick and new features and updates are released often. There is also a travel module available, which can be used in conjunction with the expense module, creating a seamless experience from booking to reimbursement. You can enjoy a 14-day free trial to test the solution before fully committing.

Key features

  • Analytics provide a real-time overview of how expenses are made up, allowing managers to gain insights and make data-backed decisions. Custom reports can also be created.
  • Users can take photos of receipts using the mobile app (available for iOS and Android) and OCR technology will extract the relevant information and automatically populate fields.
  • Expenses can be approved from either the web client or mobile app, with any expenses not matching policies, missing receipts or identified as duplicates being automatically flagged for further checks.
  • Mileage is calculated using Google Maps to provide accurate distances.

We hope this blog post has helped you identify an expense management solution that might work for your own business requirements or simply opened your eyes to the potential for easier expense management with Microsoft Dynamics NAV . For further information on a specific solution, visit the websites linked in this post or get in touch .

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