Our recent blog posts have showcased our newest solution for the Museums & Attractions industry, NP Entertainment . By now, you may have recognised the issues you’re facing due to using disparate systems or a selection of Excel spreadsheets to run your museum, zoo or attraction. You may also have compared a variety of different ticketing & POS solutions on the market. You’re now almost ready to make a decision but first need a bit more detail to understand how NP Entertainment would work for your business and how it’s priced and hosted. In this blog post, we’ll aim to answer all those last questions but, if you feel we’ve missed something, just leave your question in the comments and we’ll get back to you.

(If you’re in a hurry, we’ve also created an infographic that breaks down the different modules !)

Business Central

The core of NP Entertainment is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – handling all your back-end processes for financials, inventory and CRM. NP Entertainment is built on Business Central and the seamless integration removes the need for any manual workarounds or data rekeying. The familiar Microsoft user interface means you can get up and running quickly with only a small amount of training. Business Central modernises the way you work, moving away from disparate systems and spreadsheets to an intelligent solution that streamlines processes and improves customer interactions.

(This screenshot is taken from a standard demo environment of Business Central, when deployed to your attraction it would be configured to display all necessary data.)

User interface of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Having an effective ticketing system at your attraction makes it quick and convenient for your visitors to buy tickets, whatever channel they’re doing it through. As well as buying tickets from the front desk on the day, visitors want the choice to buy in advance, whether this is on your own website or through third-party vendors. NP Entertainment lets you take control of your tickets and ensures you never exceed capacity, no matter how tickets are distributed and sold. All ticket data is stored in Business Central, so any risk of overselling is eliminated. Unlike other ticketing systems, no commission is charged on ticket sales, no matter how many you sell.

Tickets purchased online are sent with a code that can be scanned using a handheld device or at turnstiles for quick access to the venue. On top of this, you can specify admission times, spreading the number of visitors throughout the day to avoid overcrowding.


If your museum or attraction has a café or gift shop, having an effective point-of-sale system becomes essential. NP Entertainment’s intuitive POS is configured for wherever it is placed in your attraction, with specific functionality for each of these areas (e.g. table numbers, discounts, gift cards.) The POS system is available for both static and mobile tills, to suit your requirements. Every transaction is synced directly to Business Central, ensuring that all stock and sales data is updated in real time, eliminating the risk of overselling and removing the need to rekey data between systems or spreadsheets at the end of day.

NP Entertainment Point-of-sale user interface

Member management

Member management in NP Entertainment automates processes relating to memberships, helping retain your visitors and provide a greater level of service. Digital member cards are kept in smartphone wallets and thanks to geo-tracking, can send personalised notifications when members are close to the attraction. With member management online, visitors can login and handle membership creation or renewal, as well as using special discounts to purchase items online.

Event management

The event management module in NP Entertainment helps reduce the workload from administration and coordination tasks when hosting events. With all data kept in Business Central, you can track of every aspect of your event from one platform, rather than using a selection of different documents and systems.

Business Insight

The Business Insight module of NP Entertainment lets you track your performance using data you collect from your day-to-day operations. Explore interactive reports with Microsoft Power BI ’s vast data visualisation capabilities and draw actionable insights to help you make decisions. Accurate data helps you understand your business performance better, allowing you to optimise how you work and put yourself ahead of competitors.


    • How is the solution priced?

NP Entertainment uses modular pricing, with each module available to purchase perpetually (one-off) or on subscription (per user/month). Simply pick and choose the modules you need to get started and easily expand as your business grows.

    • How is the solution hosted?

The solution can be hosted either on-premises or in the cloud. For cloud hosting, we recommend Microsoft Azure, but you can also use your local hosting provider if you prefer.

    • Where and how can I purchase the solution?

Drop us an email to [email protected] or give us a call on 01908508080 for a no obligation chat about your business and requirements. In the meantime, a free trial of the solution is available to try out.

We hope this blog post has cleared up any questions you may have had about NP Entertainment. Visit our dedicated webpage for further information or get in touch today.

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