We are thrilled to have kicked off another Boltrics implementation project in August 2021. This will be a remote 3PL Cold Storage WMS implementation with process automation integrations like Voice Picking and Automated Warehouse operations. Our 3PL consulting team is excited to work on this project along with the client’s core project team.

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Third-Party Logistics | 鲸鱼电竞2.0

Third-Party Logistics Warehousing | 鲸鱼电竞2.0


Microsoft has announced the general availability of   Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management , a cloud-based solution that helps accelerate omnichannel transformation from order intake through orchestration to fulfilment.

With Intelligent Order Management, business professionals gain real-time cross-channel inventory visibility and advanced analytical capabilities for better decision-making processes. Using AI-powered order insights, they can re-model and orchestrate the order fulfilment journey with easy-to-use drag and drop tools, and proactively overcome bottlenecks— all while driving efficiencies across the supply chain to ensure that their customers’ needs are met on time and cost-effectively.

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Enhancing Manufacturing Operations with Dynamics 365 Business Central


11:30 AM BST

Join us as we demonstrate how Dynamics 365 Business Central can help streamline supply chain related problems for companies in the manufacturing industry.

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Do you have Dynamics 365 applications on-premise and are wondering about how to make use of the powerful cloud-based features of Azure for your on-premise application? Azure ExpressRoute is the answer to all your questions.

What is ExpressRoute?

ExpressRoute is an Azure Service. It is used to create private connections between Microsoft cloud data centers and the infrastructure that’s on your premises.

It also supports private connectivity to services, such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365.

Advantages of using ExpressRoute

Transfer data between on-premises Devices and Azure, by using the ExpressRoute connections. That ensures that you get significant cost benefits.

Wondering how? Here’s how the entire model works:

If a user can connect to an ExpressRoute location, users can connect to other regions in the same location, without paying any additional price. For example, if you select London, users can send or retrieve data to or from any Azure region in London without paying an additional cost.

On Demand Webinar

Solving today’s warehouse challenges

In a recent live session with our partner Tasklet Factory, we ran through:

  • How current warehouse challenges can be met
  • How processes can be optimised with Mobile WMSIf you would like to watch the recording, click below!

If the user sets an AzureExpressRoute circuit, they are able to access services within a virtual network and other Azure services simultaneously.

It offers higher security, reliability, speed and lower latency as compared to legacy connections.

You get the option of creating hybrid applications. This can come in handy if you are looking at scenarios where you want the communication traffic with your corporate customers not going through the public internet. You can achieve this using ExpressRoute by creating a hybrid model whereas you run a corporate intranet application in Azure and get your customers authenticated with an on-premise active directory service.

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Server security and platform Integrity are critical requirements in today’s datacentre, edge, and cloud environments. Many Windows Server customers have relied on built-in security capabilities such as Secure boot and BitLocker to protect their infrastructure.

In the next major release, Microsoft will raise the security standard for Windows Server hardware certification to include these capabilities by default. This change will give customers increased confidence they are deploying Windows Server on platforms that maximize platform integrity without having to modify their RFP process. The new Windows Server certification will require TPM 2.0 installed and enabled by default. For systems that have the next major Windows Server preinstalled, Secure Boot will be enabled by default.

These changes will enhance and automate built-in security on the next major Windows Server release.

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