What’s New for D365 Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform helps users and organizations digitally transform their businesses. Below are some of the new features for this year’s Wave 1 release.

  • Power BI
    Introduce new authoring paginated reports in the Power BI service. Now the user will be able to use Power Query online to connect all supported data sources. Then they’ll be able to author their paginated reports using this data in their Power BI service authoring environment.
  • Power Apps
    Introducing new Power App grid control support. This grid control allows users to be more productive by letting them edit values directly in the grid.
  • Power Automate
    Introduce the new Power Automate home page. It is easier for users to learn how to build flows and discover more about Power Automate capabilities.

For even more information on the above modules, including updates for Power Apps Portal, Power Virtual Agents, and Microsoft Dataverse, click here!

What’s New for D365 Business Central?

In 2022 release wave 1, Microsoft invests in a stronger reporting story, including better integration with Excel. They also improve the support for collaborative business processes in Teams so you can bring Business Central pages into a Teams channel.

Below are just some of the new and planned features for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Click here to find out more.

  • Application – Blocking deletion of G/L accounts – Auto-accept transactions for intercompany journals
  • Better with Microsoft 365 – Enhancements to Microsoft Teams integration – Outlook add-in – add email attachments to Business Central records
  • Modern Clients – Copy link from Share menu – New desktop app delivering full web client experience on desktop is listed in the Microsoft Store

D365 Insight Dashboard – Updates to the new tool

We have recently created a customisable dashboard for the front screen (role centre) of NAV or Business Central screen, enabling the user to decide what information they want to see quickly.
Why is D365 Insight Dashboard useful?
  • Save time and prioritise tasks
  • Staff can configure their own dashboard
  • As shown below, this tool can be used by any department

What are the latest updates?

Visual Notifications (Traffic Light) and email alerts
Users can configure business critical parameters to give them visual notifications/email alerts when the threshold is breached.

Panel in Panel
Sometimes there is a need to organise a particular business parameter into subdivisions. Insight dashboard can be easily configured for the very same behaviour.

Interested in using this tool? Click here to get in touch.


Live Session:


How to Streamline Sales with Dynamics 365

On the 14th of April at 11am BST , we are demonstrating how Dynamics 365 Sales can help your business. D365 Sales is one of the many Microsoft D365 CRM applications and it provides sales teams with powerful insights. Our expert will also talk about the new features being released, and there will be time for questions and answers.

Recorded Webinar:


Enhancing the Sales and Marketing process with Dynamics 365


We recently hosted a short introduction to Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing.

This 20-minute event covered the following topics:

  • How D365 CRM helps solve today’s business challenges
  • Exploring the benefits of D365 Sales and Marketing
  • More effective together: How D365 Sales and Marketing complement each other

To watch the recording, click below

For more information on Dynamics 365 CRM overall, Click here

IT Infrastructure

Azure Backup support for trusted launch Azure Virtual Machines

Trusted launch is a seamless way to improve the security of generation 2 VMs. It protects against advanced and persistent attack techniques by combining technologies which can be independently enabled like secure boot and virtualized version of trusted platform module (vTPM).

New Text and Array Functions for Excel

Microsoft has added 14 new Excel functions to help you more easily manipulate text and arrays in your worksheets. A few of these new functions are listed below. These functions are currently available to users running Beta Channel, Version 2203 (Build 15104.20004) or later on Windows and Version 16.60 (Build 22030400) or later on Mac.
Text Manipulation Functions
  • TEXTBEFORE – Returns text that’s before delimiting characters
  • TEXTAFTER – Returns text that’s after delimiting characters
  • TEXTSPLIT – Splits text into rows or columns using delimiters
Array Manipulation Functions Resizing Arrays
  • TAKE – Returns rows or columns from array start or end
  • DROP – Drops rows or columns from array start or end
  • CHOOSEROWS – Returns the specified rows from an array
  • CHOOSECOLS – Returns the specified columns from an array
  • EXPAND – Expands an array to the specified dimensions

There are also new functions when it comes to Combining Arrays and Shaping Arrays.

For more detail on this, click here

Partner Updates

Tasklet Factory

Picking, packing, and shipping are deeply interconnected processes in the outbound part of the warehouse.

The new Pack & Ship-feature from Tasklet Factory helps you to achieve faster and more aligned processes. They make it easy for you to keep track of the content of your orders from picking, over packing, to shipping – by introducing the concept of License Plates.

The license plate is a flexible concept that allows your warehouse workers to associate a group of items moving around the warehouse with a unique ID. The license plate is created in the picking process, where your warehouse picker will register every picked item into a license plate. Your warehouse worker will register where the license plates are stored in the shipping area at the end of the picking process, making it easy for another person to take over and complete the shipping process later.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in knowing more about streamlining your packing and shipping process.

Until next time!

The team is always ready to help if you have any queries. We’ll give you the latest updates with the next newsletter in April.
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