The Production Module in Mobile WMS – One Tool to Manage All Steps in Your Production


Production management and warehouse management go hand in hand. For years, Mobile WMS has enabled businesses to manage and optimize their warehouse processes. Most recently we have developed a production module providing you with the same options when dealing with production orders that you already know from your warehouse management.

With Mobile WMS you can now handle the entire process from receiving components in your warehouse, registering the consumption of components, registering time, and lastly registering the output into your inventory.

The Most Important Features of the Production Module for Mobile WMS are:

  • Registering consumed components
  • Registering time spent for setup
  • Registering time spent in the production process
  • Registering discarded materials
  • Registering output

Flexibility and User-Friendliness When Working with Production Orders

The production module is extremely flexible and adapts to your way of working with production orders. If the production order utilizes different processes (routes) in the production process, these are automatically illustrated on the mobile device, making it easy for you to register time on each operation. This includes setup time and production time. In case the production order does not utilize routes, the user will not be asked to register time.

Complete Traceability in Your Production with Mobile WMS

Production of items with traceability is also fully supported in the production module. This includes lot numbers and serial numbers on both consumed components and produced items. All in the same user-friendly interface that Mobile WMS is known for.

Build Bridges Between Your Warehouse and Production Processes

It has never been easier to build bridges between your warehouse and your production processes. Your employees in production can now perform their registrations on a mobile device without having to open the ERP system or access other complicated platforms. They can therefore focus on what is important and easily handle all relevant registrations.

Flexibility in Your Production Management is Essential

Although production orders follow a formula, variations can occur in terms of consumption. The consumption feature allows both under- and overconsumption. In the case of residues, these can be easily transferred back into inventory.

The production module can be utilized together with the Pick Feature but can also be used without it.

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